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Welcome to the Coaches’ Wives Ministry site! I'm so glad you are here, and if you are looking for ways to grow in your relationship with Christ, I hope you will be encouraged! As a coach's wife myself, I experience the unique pressures and challenges, and I believe that discipleship is the answer. Knowing God and His Word. Learning from godly, seasoned coaches' wives. Connecting the gospel to every area of life. And learning to help others to do the same. Since discipleship is relational, I wanted to connect you with real people who can help with the real issues we face. Mentors, support groups and bible studies to fit our lifestyles. We are just getting started in this journey! More Coaches’ Wives Ministry Bible studies and resources are coming soon! 

Candace & the Coaches’ Wives Ministry team


Candace and her husband Brian spent the first ten years of their marriage as missionaries in Brazil with Campus Outreach Ministries. After returning to the States in 2008, they settled in Georgia where Brian began his career as a Varsity High School football coach, track coach and later the strength and conditioning coach. Candace began serving coaches’ wives locally with FCA in 2013, and she created Coaches’ Wives Ministry to provide discipleship opportunities and resources for coaches' wives both in her area and in other locations as well. Her experiences as a coach’s wife, mother of 3 young athletes, writer and missionary inspires her to encourage and equip coaches’ wives on the mission field of sports, and to help sports ministries and coaches’ wives groups internationally establish discipleship opportunities in their own local areas.


A note from Candace...

Dear Coaches' Wives,

    I hope you find something or someone on this site who will inspire and encourage you on your journey. I often think that the whole reason for Coaches’ Wives Ministry was because I needed something for myself! Something more than just social time with other wives (although this is essential!), and more profitable than navigating the coaching life alone- so I prayed for a mentor and a way to grow in my walk with the Lord. So yes, the people you "meet" here, the resources and mentoring group provided are all part of my personal growth as well. I am so thankful for the friends I've met throughout the years who are giving of their time and talents to serve us all in the areas of faith, marriage, family and finance, team and our personal callings.

   Finally, I want to let you know that what I've designed here is nothing new. It's what Jesus modeled throughout His life, and what He told us to do with our own lives. Loving Him. Growing in Him. And inviting others to follow us as we follow Him. It's simply discipleship. And it's the method Jesus used to transform the world. I believe He wants to do this through our coaching families on the mission field of sports. This is my prayer for us as coaches' wives as we grow in all Connect 5 aspects:

FAITH...That we would have a greater view of who God is and His love for us. He has created us for this beautiful role, but who we are in Christ - His grace and not our performance- is the motivation for life as a coach’s wife.

MARRIAGE...That we would experience freedom in our marriages as we realize that we are not coaches’ wives by accident, and we are called as a couple to be in this together. That we'll begin to understand more about what our husbands go through, and begin to appreciate & support them in a new way.

FAMILY & FINANCE...That we would have renewed energy in parenting as lifestyle burdens become blessings, and that our kids can get involved in some special ways. That we would learn more about stewardship and caring for our homes in practical ways, and that our family life would transition from a nightmare into an adventure!

TEAM...That we would enter in to coaches’ wives groups with positive perspective and encouraging words, and build friendships. And that we would grow in God's word in community with other coaches' wives.

PERSONAL CALLING...That we would find fulfillment in being who GOD has called us to be, knowing that there is no "one way" to be a coach's wife and that God has uniquely designed us for this life.

Yes, this is a tall order, but God is able and I believe that He wants to amaze us all.

Praying for you,



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