Mindsets and Heart Checks

When my husband and I got married, he wasn’t coaching as a profession, but he was always trying to coach me. At that time I didn’t understand the way a coach is wired, (or that I had even married one), but I learned very quickly. On our honeymoon, he tried to “motivate” me to carry half our luggage up the stairs by saying “We are a one trip family!”  And of course I responded with, “Quit trying to coach me!” Though I’ve repeated this “request” many times since then, I will say that my husband has changed his approach over our 20 years of marriage! 

House Divided

Competitive spirit. Passion to win. Drive to be the best. These qualities we admire in our husbands as they coach, but most women don’t want these characteristics to carry over into the marriage- even though coaches’ wives can be over the top competitive as well! Being competitive is defined this way: “…trying to win a contest or be more successful than others…having a strong desire to win or be the best at something.”

Glory Days

I met my husband after college so I never got to see him play college football. All of our coaches have at one time been athletes. I don’t know how it is for you, but my husband tells the kids and me stories of the “glory days,” and the highs and lows of his experiences as an athlete. If he never shared these things with us, we would be missing out on a core part of who he is and how he lives now.

Dinner Plans

This past season has been a little crazy for our family as far as appliances go. Since August, we have had a broken outdoor fridge -where the gatorades are kept cold,  a broken microwave -where the dinner magic happens, and a broken dryer -where family activities are made possible! (...so just imagine football uniforms hanging up to dry throughout the house!)


Summer is the season of weddings and anniversaries, so congratulations to all who are celebrating these special occasions. My husband and I celebrate 20 years this month, and I absolutely cannot believe it! So I wanted to share a word of encouragement about the promises we make on our wedding days…

Decisions, Decisions...

I think that making decisions is one of the hardest parts of being a coach. There are millions of small decisions that must be made with wisdom just to keep a program running, and I am amazed at how the outcome of a game often hinges on one big decision- like what final play to call for the last ten seconds of the game! On top of that, everyone around gets to decide if he made a good decision or not! And sometimes his decisions are highlighted on the front page of the newspaper.