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As unfathomable as it is, the God of all creation wants to CONNECT with us- to have a personal relationship with us. We want to provide opportunities for coaches’ wives to grow in this truth through studying God's Word. Through the highs and lows of the sports seasons, it's not always possible to meet together in person with other wives on a weekly basis, but with the leadership of seasoned coaches' wives through the tools of apps, blogs, and online groups, we can grow daily in God's word and meet as often as possible with other coaches' wives in our local areas. Resources alone will never replace personal relationships, but in combining these aspects, we as coaches' wives can grow in truth daily- no matter what our days might hold!



Second only to God, this is any wife’s most important relationship. For coaches' wives, there are definitely some unique challenges and stressors on the marriage, and it’s hard to stay connected as a couple. Many wives say that they struggle with loneliness and bitterness, and that they battle resentment on a daily basis. Divorce rates are high for coaching couples, but so is the opportunity to have a dynamic relationship that will be a testimony of God’s love within the sports culture.

The Importance of Marriage...

I’ve always said a Championship Marriage can be defined as a husband and
wife who support each other’s dreams. In the last ten years, I’ve witnessed
more coaching marriages that communicate this to the world. You and your
husband each have callings, and make sacrifices to serve each other. It takes
good communication skills and surrender- to the Lord and your spouse.”

Carolyn Allen, author of “The Coach’s Wife”

Cindy Wild, Coaches’ Wives Ministry Faith & Marriage Mentor

Cindy Wild, Coaches’ Wives Ministry Faith & Marriage Mentor

Cindy Wild has been a coach's wife for over 35 years. She and her husband Danny have 5 adult children, 12 grandkids and reside in California. They serve athletes and coaching couples in their local area with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.