Connecting with your purpose

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This final aspect is freeing and healing to many coaches’ wives. She may struggle with feeling overlooked and underappreciated, and she just might be, but seeing and believing that the God of the universe says she has a purpose- this changes everything.

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“Lauren is a Gallup-certified Strengths coach and speaker. The Lord has given her a deep passion and interest in His design and unique creation of each of His children. Lauren loves studying the spiritual gifts and talents within each person she speaks to. She believes that when we begin to thrive in our God-given design, we begin to understand more clearly our specific purpose, our individual role in the Body of Christ, and we give God the glory He is due. Most importantly, she believes it is wonderful to focus on what God has created within us, but it is much more important to focus on who God is Himself. Through time in His Word and in His presence we fall in love with the Creator, not just the created.”

Lauren serves the Coaches’ Wives Ministry members by helping them discover and recognize their individual gifts and talents through personality assessments and consultations.